DVHCC Officers


Matthew B. Kearney, mkearney@dvhcc.org



Thomas McNulty, Administrator, Plumbers Union Local #690

Executive Director

Edward M. Fox, Fund Administrator, Building Laborers' Local #310 Fringe Benefit Funds

Executive Director

Jack Gaittens, Administrator, Law Enforcement Health Benefits



DVHCC Board of Directors

Robert Blumenfeld, Fund Manager, Trucking Employees of North Jersey Welfare Fund


John Heenan, Administrator, Operating Engineers #542 Funds


Samuel J. Kenish, Administrator, Teamsters Local #830 Health & Welfare, Pension Fund

Thomas McNulty, Administrator, Plumbers Union Local #690


Patrick O'HaraAdministrator, Local #274 Health & Welfare Fund, PMTA-ILA Welfare Fund, United Independent Union Welfare Fund

Alan Parham, Administrator, Laborers District Council Construction Industry, Laborers District Council Heavy & Highway Fund, Laborers District Council Building & Construction Health & Welfare


Regina C. Reardon, Administrator, UFCW Local #1776 Participating Employers Health & Welfare Fund, UFCW of Central PA, UFCW of Northeastern PA



Director of Organizing

Norman Haigh, nhaigh@dvhcc.org


Executive Assistant to the President

Karen Cassel, kcassel@dvhcc.org


Administrative Assistant

Leigh Anna Knappick, lknappick@dvhcc.org


Organizer Cleveland Office

James Goggin, jgoggin@dvhcc.org