ActiveCare Diabetes Management & Wellness Program

The DVHCC invites Coalition Members to explore RxBenefits, Inc.'s ActiveCare Diabetes Monitoring Program as a comprehensive solution to addressing the needs of plan members managing diabetes. With the ever-growing financial impact of diabetes, plan sponsors are increasingly challenged with how to continue improving member health while also positively impacting cost. Traditionally, market responses have been reactive at best, focusing mainly on those patients with diabetes considered "high risk." 

Enter ActiveCare, a diabetes monitoring solution for members that identifies and helps manage not just high-risk members, but all at-risk members. ActiveCare provides an FDA-approved cellular glucometer, test strips, and testing supplies, as well as access to ActiveCare's 24/7/365 Care Center. 

The ActiveCare program provides real-time biometric information and monitoring to caregivers and accurate, actionable reporting to plan sponsors. ActiveCare also complements existing disease management & wellness programs, providing a comprehensive solution for both members and plan sponsors.



A unique solution combining both claims and data analytics with real-time biometrics that clarifies the status and risk of members’ health and cost of care.


Adds a “human touch” and monitoring component to traditional disease management. This is done through our CareCenter outreach to patients with diabetes, creating greater testing adherence and behavior modification.


By assisting members in the management of their diabetes, ActiveCare increases compliance, improves the members’ health, and reduces the risk of future catastrophic events.


  • No set up cost
  • No monitoring fees
  • No on-going administrative fees
  • Provides cost comparison against historical/current cost of diabetic supplies
  • “Bolts-on” to existing benefits programs, so it can be initiated at any time during the plan year
  • Allows members to opt-out of program; flexibility for  plan sponsor to drive participation through plan design 
  • Compliments and does not duplicate any DM/CM functions, thereby increasing existing provider cooperation
  • Decreases amount of “work” for diagnosed diabetics in tracking and reporting blood glucose readings
  • Improves effectiveness of physician and DM/CM therapy recommendations by providing visibility into actual test frequency and results, instead of member “self-reported” results

This video provides a quick, informative, 3-minute summary of the program!

ActiveCare's latest video providing more in-depth information regarding the Diabetes Wellness Program, featuring a few words to Members by Coalition President Matthew Kearney:

For more information about the ActiveCare Diabetes Management & Wellness Program, please visit the ActiveCare website or  contact:

Clay Harrison   

800-377-1614 ext. 234