HealthCare Strategies (HCS) 

The DVHCC has chosen HealthCare Strategies, Inc. (HCS) as its preferred health care risk management provider to assist us in bringing the best in health care services to our vast labor population. HCS’s Medical Management & Data Analytics Platform offers a package of services to identify potential costly health care risks at the earliest possible time and provide intervention to reduce those risks for our Member Funds and their participants.

Founded over three decades ago to service Taft-Hartley funds, HealthCare Strategies has demonstrated that its programs and services, along with its member & provider outreach, substantially reduce costs and improve the health of the populations it serves.  An early entrant into the predictive modeling and health care data warehousing field, HCS’s flagship program, HealthReach Predictive Care Management, has reduced its clients’ health care trends to single digits and sustained them over time, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in savings.  

HCS takes a Total Population Health Management approach by providing the full scope of services needed to manage your health plan. These services include:
  • Care Counselor ® Utilization Management- Inpatient and Outpatient
  • Large Case Management
  • HealthManagerSM Dashboard – Clinical Risk Analysis
  • HealthReach Predictive Care Management ®

The Results:
HCS consistently outperforms the marketplace with its services, allowing Funds to provide the best possible health benefits to it members.  
  • Our Admits per 1,000 are 15%, and Days per 1,000 are 20% below the national average year after year.
  • Large Case Management 5 to 1 ROI for block of business
  • HealthReach Predictive Care Management ® significantly reduces claims experience year after year saving $161 million dollars over 5 years for a 9,000 member fund.
Click here to see the HCS Case Study Results

Please call HCS at (410) 423-9400 ext. 3257 or contact the DVHCC for further details.