R&B Consulting

Founded by Robert Eberle and Robert Bergman, R&B Consulting is a Broker and Consultant to the Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition. They are a Re-Insurance Intermediary that evaluates Insured versus Self Insured Health Plans, provides employee/member benefits and full service P&C coverage. R&B Consulting firm offers products and services to meet your required benefit objectives as well as optional coverage to further protect your valued employees/members. They are expertly prepared to cover all of your Property & Casualty, Union Liability and Fiduciary Insurance needs. They are also actively involvedin providing Life & Disability Coverage for many Union Funds.

They are constantly researching the marketplace for the best protection with the most competitive pricing. They seek to assist Coalition Members by providing an audit of your existing coverage and making certain the coverage and cost meet your needs. Their marketplace is currently in 15 states and is constantly expanding as needed. Robert Eberle and Robert Bergman have over 30 years experience in working with Corporate HR and Union Funds. Their experience and knowledge of Health & Welfare Funds allows them to work with Providers and the Funds for the benefit of your Members. Free consultation and review of your current coverage is always available, and you will always be interacting with one of their principals.

They comply with all required continuing education requirements and make certain to stay on top of legislative changes and how they affect your Plans. They understand eligibility, contribution levels and contract design that can be unique to each Fund. Their responsibility is to you and your employees/members. In our ever-changing business world, R&B will work to ease any burden of providing benefits and insurance coverage.

Because of the ever changing business environment and recent dramatic Health Care Reform; it is essential to review your coverage. Compliance to mandated rules and extended levels of protection effect all insured. By being pro-active you can make certain your Plans comply and provide the required and desired benefits. We work exclusively for our clients well being and look forward to the opportunity of working with your group, company or Health & Welfare Fund.

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